Friday, 23 March 2012

Up & Coming: Katie Barnes

Exotic Pet Ownership in Missouri

I am currently working on a project that looks at the unique laws that apply to owning an exotic pet in the state of Missouri in the US.  As long as the animal isn't native to the state of Missouri, there are no laws governing the ownership of an exotic animal as a pet, provided the owner doesn't breed, sell or showcase it to the public.  I am specifically photographing three areas of exotic pet ownership – breeders, individual owners, and sanctuaries. I think that in covering each of these stages of exotic pet ownership, I will be thoroughly documenting several sides of this issue.

I am currently based in the United States in New Hampshire.  After working as a staff photographer for the Concord Monitor for two years, I am now pursuing editorial freelance work.  My husband Max Bittle and I also started Dreamlove Wedding Photography, and we spend our summers documenting the story of our clients' wedding day.  I have a passion for walking in the woods and documenting the world around me with my macro lens. 

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