Sunday, 8 April 2012

Up & Coming: Emilie Rousseau


Dilapidated and fragmented buildings which are rich in history that once had an expectation of a future, they have now become dead spaces unable to fulfil their function that stand their never-ending transformation. Time tears and rubs out their details as it passes by. 

The walls crack, the lines alter, the vegetation takes its place within the structure. By observing these constructions I have the impression I am looking at enormous sculptures. Through photography I aim to give back some life to these forgotten buildings.

Emilie Rousseau (1987) was born in Le Mans, France. Although she studied Landscape Design she uses photography as a medium to explore and question the temporality and memory of disappearing architecture. This project examines the history and the future of these negleted places. To view her work please go to:

All images © Emilie Rousseau