Sunday, 30 May 2010

Selected Work : Juan Antonio Sanchez Rull

The Beach

The tragic dimension of boredom within the beach’s theatrical illusion. A trip to familiar situations, rescued anecdotes and revisited places within the internal memory. The beach is a favorable place that lends itself to the observation of the human behavior, the absence of clothes enables this observation, people become more alike among each other and the fact of being naked exposes their defenseless attitude and vulnerabilities, there is less tools to pretend that one is something. It could give the impression that the beach is a more democratic space. The use of black and white film projects a timeless feeling within the images of this project.


Photographing to transform and not merely to document or register a moment. I use the camera as a tool for contemplation. With the use of this tool it becomes less complicated for me to uncover codes or clues that can transform into a photographic project. Given the characteristics of this apparatus, it would give the impression that the images that one captures are a reflection of reality but in truth, they are the result of a mirror that always distorts, invents and results ingenious. One photographs reality to transform it into something more personal, it is an attempt to explore ones interior world and to release ideas in the form of images that try to construct and explain what one has in mind.

As a photographer, I personally have never been interested in documentary photography, this idea of trying to stay as faithful as possible to “reality” what ever this might be. The total opposite in fact, I always try to transform, (although this is inevitable)

“ Once you enter the labyrinth that is outside yourself conversely, you enter in the labyrinth that is within you", Freud, The Sinister.

All images © Juan Antonio Sanchez Rull

Posted by Roxana Allison