Monday, 17 May 2010

Up and Coming : Ana Escobar

Ana Escobar was born in Huelva (Spain). She studied Interior Design in Madrid and later moved to London, were she completed a Diploma and has just finished a BA in Photography at the University of the Arts London. She has exhibited at the National Royal Theatre, The Roxy and 100 sqft Gallery among many others. Her work has been published at ‘The Guardian Weekend Magazine’ and ‘Arterial Magazine’.

'Free Fall' is based on three iconic documentary photographs: Eisenstaedt's 'V-J day in Times Square', Lange’s 'Migrant Mother and Capa’s 'Death of a Loyalist Soldier'.

There is still an open debate on how much directed or staged these photographs were. I re-visited and fully staged them to create an interpretative translation. How much directed are individuals in nowadays-free western society would be the debate this work aims to open. I reconstruct three stages of a party in order to represent different stages junctures of the human drama.