Saturday, 15 May 2010

La Place de L'Etre, Our Normandy Show.

That show was a first time out of England and our third exhibition as a collective. It was a lot of work (trying to translate all the material- especially the title- into something that would make sense, getting all the prints fitting into suitcases and ready to travel, making sure it was all fine and then turning a Hospital's restaurant into a gallery). Thankfully I had some on-site help and it all went well. We had a constant stream of people come to the private view, even some of the members of the hospital direction. We had the prints on the wall the day before and it must have made people talk at lunch already, because I spent the whole evening explaining about the collective and answering questions about the work. We also had an article in the local newspaper 'OuestFrance' (which I'll post as soon as I have a copy) and a proposition to take the show to a college gallery next month and another one next year. We are also invited to go there in order to give a talk about our venture in a couple of art classes.
In any case, many many thanks to Mari-Pierre Hebert and Catherine Travers for all the help and sponsoring.

The show is up until the end of May.