Monday, 31 May 2010

Selected Work: 'Boogie'

Photographer 'Boogie' was born in Belgrade and later emigrated to the United States after winning a green card which enabled him to live in New York City. Having experienced the horrific situation of war back in his country, this shaped his way of seeing the World.
His work has shifted from the use of a more traditional documentary style, such is the case in his book 'It's all Good' to the use of a more contemporary approach as seen in his most recent photographs, particularly in his colour work, nevertheless he still uses both B&W and colour to photograph and maintains an honest and intimate approach.

The main source of inspiration to him is 'Life', and explains that -Inspiration is in the mind, although other things inspire him too. From photographing gang members and drug addicts in the poor neighborhoods in New York through to photographing Nazi's in Serbia, life in Sao Paulo, Mexico, Istanbul, Tokyo, etc., Boogie has produced a whole photographic archive that describes life at different levels.
He has produced an extensive list of books such as, 'Its All Good' (Power House Books,2006), a retrospective on his work called 'Boogie' (Power House Book, 2007), 'Sao Paulo' (Upper Playground, 2008), Istanbul (Upper Playground, 2008), 'Belgrade Belongs to Me' (Power House Books, 2009).
He has exhibited his work at Paris Photo, L'Eclaireur Tokyo, London, Italy etc., has shot campaigns for Nike, Lee Jeans, etc. His work has also been featured in magazines and newspapers such as 'Ojo de Pez', British Journal of Photography, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Playboy, among many others. He also collaborated with HBO on a series called 'How to Make it' with the use of still images that are featured through each episode.

All images featured are © 'Boogie'

Boogie currently lives and works between Serbia and the United States. For more on his work It is worth while visiting and also Special thanks to Boogie for his kindness and for allowing us to feature his work.

Posted by Pablo Allison