Monday, 6 August 2012

Up & Coming: Luis A. de Jesus

Observers attempting to define my imagery will do so through an evolving filter colored by world-views, mental schemas and past experiences. In this manner, but not always of course, the photographs that appeal to us, and how they do so, can say more about the observer than about the photographer. In spite of the aforementioned, my images are just testimony of what I’ve witnessed, nothing more.

It is not an eyewitness account of the ugly or the beauty of Mexican urban society; I’m not attempting to make any statement against or for, it’s just a collection of moments that called out begging to be photographed. My aim nonetheless is to fuse my voice with that which cries out to me from my surroundings; to reproduce a chorus that draws attention to the uniqueness of a place I still call my new home even after 12 years.

I was born and raised north of New York City of Puertorican parents; I currently reside in Mexico City with my wife and son where we own and operate a small business.  

I also do independent contract work for a group in international commerce based in Mexico City. My love for photography had been birthed and nurtured –via magazines and books-- in childhood by a basic yet inexplicable need to peer into the lives of other people and understand my place in relation to others, and where I fit in this world. 

The absence of formal training in arts or photography has never discouraged me. My teachers are other photographers I admire --past and present-- whose power and ability to communicate through the lens I study to emulate while learning to develop my own vision. My work has been used by magazines, NGOs, and universities across the globe.

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