Friday, 20 July 2012

BlankPaper: Share, Learn, Shoot!

BlankPaper was created in 2003 and its the first photography collective to emerge in Spain. It's main aim is to serve as a platform of exposure for the work of seven photographers. However It is also a place where new ideas and projects sprout. 

Their photography results directly from their way of life and the need to narrate something in depth. They believe in the photographer's freedom when defining an approach and the personal involvement with the subject matter at hand, regardless of where the finished product is to be displayed.

From the concept 'You share what you like' the idea for creating a photography school iniciated. BlankPaper School was founded in 2006 with the intention of providing photographic training drawn from the experience of its members and other photographers. They offer courses, workshops and an MA in Photography at their headquarters in Madrid, Valencia and Castellón (Spain).

You are welcome to view their website to learn more about their fantastic work and what they do:

'Our aim is to enhance. 
Because every time we look we become richer, 
we become a little more infected'.