Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Up & Coming: Matthew Mullin

Gathered Static

Near Distances

As a viewer of my personal world and the world in general, there is equal beauty in both the grand and the minute. My fascination with details and overly analytical nature pushed me to develop a project that explores the tragedy and romance of our modern urban societies by applying narrative to the inanimate. These images seek to synthesise the subconscious, to create a tangible bond between individual human psychology and inanimate arrangement or function.

Introverted Extroverted

Fundamentally I see my photography as the study of our day-to-day environments and an isolation of elements/aspects within them that echo theoretical debates found in subjects such as psychology, sociology and philosophy. Near Distances sets out to capture life’s juxtapositions, its oddities, its quaintness and its absurdness. 

Subjugated Expression

Applied Height for Heights' Sake

Matthew Mullin was born in Great Yarmouth in 1981, in 2010 he graduated from Thames Valley University with a BA in Photography, he also possesses a HND in Film Making. Having lost his love of Film Making he made the decision to switch back over to photography to reinitiate a long dead obsession with freezing time.
In 2010 ninety photographs from Near Distances were exhibited at The Strand Gallery, London (formerly the Proud Gallery) and in March 2011 Near Distances was exhibited at the Matsu Gallery in Mile End, London. Matthew has undertaken promotional work for various galleries around the UK the last being for the Real World Gallery in Brick Lane, London. Matthew currently lives and works in Berlin.

Inanimate Limbic Resonance

All images © Matthew Mullin