Monday, 5 September 2011

Selected Work: Dulce Pinzón


By using out-of-this-time and out-of-context elements Dulce Pinzón has obtained metaphorical images to sensitize the audience about caring for the planet and reflecting on the world that we shall leave behind to future generations.Through the conventions of staged photography she aims to present a series of images based on the life cycle. These images also touch on issues that affect our environment with the hope of raising questions regarding the state of the planet we inhabit.

Pinzón’s approach to this new series references environmental issues and concerns she had from an early age. In her own words she describes the intention of this work:

"Although there are many problems affecting my country right now, my frustration and indignant stance toward the severe problematic that we face with environmental issues has forced me to find viable strategies in the hope of leaving a better legacy for my country and my son: the possibility of creating a better and cleaner environment for all".

The real story of the Superheroes

Her previous work entitled The real story of the Superheroes was based on a series of satirical documentary-style images featuring ordinary men and women in their work environment in New York. The portraits are based on immigrants donning superhero garb with the objective of raising questions about the definition of heroism after 9/11 and the ignorance of the workforce that fuels the ever-consuming economy.
A text is incorporated into each image with the name of the worker, country of origin and the amount of money they send back to their communities; this has the purpose of highlighting the human nature of the individuals in the photographs.

MINERVA VALENCIA from Puebla works as a nanny in New York
She sends 400 dollars a week
  Spiderman BERNABE MENDEZ from the State of Guerrero works as a professional
window cleaner in New York   He sends 500 dollars a month

Pinzon's aesthetic approach is also based on constructed photography –building sets to determine the environment where each subject she photographed works.

Through each portrait she makes allusions to the fact that these people are also human beings whose work should be appreciated as they are the engine that makes New York City function on a day-to-day basis.

The real story of the Superheroes has been widely exhibited and has also caused much interest internationally as the subject matter is quite relevant to the way in which super economies treat migrant workers.

SERGIO GARCÍA from the State of México works as a waiter in New York
He sends 350 dollars a week

Dulce Pinzón was born in Mexico City in 1974. She studied Mass Media Communications at the Universidad de Las Americas in Puebla, Mexico, and Photography at Indiana University in Pennsylvania. In 1995 she moved to New York where she studied at The International Center of Photography

Pinzon's work has been exhibited, published and collected internationally. In 2001, her photos were used for the cover of the Spanish edition of the book by Howard Zinn, "A People's History of the United States". In 2002 she was awarded the prestigious Mexican grant, 'Jovenes Creadores'. In 2004 she won first prize in the two-dimensional category at the fourth meeting of contemporary art in Puebla. Later, in 2006, she won the first prize at the XII Photography Biennial of the 'Centro de la Imagen' in Mexico City. In that same year she was an intern at the New York Foundation for The Arts, and subsequently, in 2009, she was awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation.

   Harvey Birdman José Rosendo de Jesús from the State of Guerrero works as a union
organizer in New York  He sends 700 a month

Earlier this year, she was invited to take part at the renowned photography festival 'Les Rencontres D’Arles Photographie' in France. She also took part in the PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin and the 'Más allá de la Reportería Fotográfica' in Bogotá, Colombia

Her work has been published by Esopus, Marie Claire South Africa and Thailand, Milenio, Mother Jones, Picnic, Rolling Stones Italy, Vice, The New York Times, The Guardian UK, The Washington Post, La Jornada, El Reforma, El País, and in many other places. She is currently a Ford Foundation fellow and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

All images © Dulce Pinzon