Saturday, 19 February 2011

Up & coming: Bjorn Veno

Bjorn Veno artist and photographer grew up on an island of Norway's west coast with his loving family and 99 sheep. On this remote island he experienced strange events and fantastic adventures. At the tender age of 17 he entered modern civilisation and started on the path that would lead him to question the perceptions western society have on male identity. Veno works with a form of performance that tries to access the subconscious by performing what ever comes to his mind without censor. This process has resulted in a successful series titled MANN which can be seen at

Making a living of creating art is a great challenge for an artist and even more so in our current economic climate. In response to this Veno has created a new project titled which gives the public the possibility to own a unique part of art, be a part of the creative process and directly support an artist. Veno invites the public to the web site where one can pay anywhere from £1 to £900 for a set of original pixels (digital fragments). The Artwork in question is a picture that will be revealed as people buy pixels. When every pixel has been sold the original artwork will only exist fragmented across the world. Veno will then invite the owners to help put the artwork back together again to create a one off print giving the public a direct influence on how the final printed image will look.

In relation to the PXsnatch project itself Veno takes on the persona of a slightly over-enthusiastic artist who features in short and spontaneous videos that try to convince the public to take part in the project. Veno has been run over by an Ice cream Van, tried to enter Frieze art fair with a plaque saying "Destroy Art" only to be turned away because the plaque did not meet sufficient health and safety regulations, eaten two Snicker bars at the same time and dressed up as a woman all in the name of Art.

All images belong to ©Bjorn Veno