Friday, 22 January 2010

Identity: Seven Views exhibition at The Foundry

Here are a few images from the exhibition Identity: Seven Views at The Foundry. The night was great and the attendance was very good too. Thanks to Jonathan for the space and everybody in general who came over. On behalf of Centrepoint Collective we hope you had a wonderful night, we will post more pictures in the next couple of days.

Identity: Seven Views

The work below will be shown in the exhibition entitled Identity: Seven Views in which the seven artists explore the meaning of identity in its broadest context. Amongst the work displayed, the artists explore diverse subject matters such as the documentation of the life of an ex-gang member crossing the Mexican-American border to settle down in the USA, the ephemeral nature of the self as well as the connection and significance of identity associated with the individuals’ daily role in a country other than ones own homeland.
The exhibition will be held at The Foundry from the 26th of january until the 3rd of February.It should also be noted that a Haiti benefit night will take place at The Foundry on the 27th of January. For more information regarding this night please refer to

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