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Susana Sanroman

Originally from Galicia, Spain, Susana Sanroman´s background is in Business as well as in Fine Art Photography. She graduated from London College of Communication in 2008. Susana currently works as a gallery assistant at Candid Arts Trust Gallery, London. She recently assisted the internationally renowned Photographer Tom Hunter in a commission called `Flashback´, for the Museum of London ( She is also involved in the New Opera Hero Project.
The fundamental concern of Susana Sanroman´s artistic practice is the self as subject matter. Throughout her working practice she has consistently been using `the emotional state´as a tool to explore different modes of the self within its own representation.

Image taken from the series Angst © Susana Sanroman

Santiago Carrion

Back in Spain ten years ago, Santiago Carrion started his carrier within the banking sector. Bored of this life, he started his pursuit for happiness doing what he was most passionate about: to tell stories through images. Soon after, he decided to move to London to study a Foundation Degree in Photojournalism and consequently a BA in Photography. He is currently studying a second year of an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the London College of Communications (University of the Arts London).

Based on his experiences as a migrant himself, Santiago has felt strongly identified with the nowadays more and more common situation that is the change of residence. His latest works are focused in the contradiction between the pursuit of a better life and the quality of life degradation implied to reach it.

Images taken from the series The Promised Land © Santiago Carrion

Virginie Hebert (Miss Korrigan)

Virginie was born in France and moved to England in 2000. Soon after, she decided to begin her involvement within photography by studying at Hackney Community College in 2003. She later graduated from the University for Creative Arts in Rochester, UK, with a BA in Photography. Her artwork, including several mixed media installations mostly concerned with the self as a subject matter, identity and the absurdity of life.

She has worked in various parts of the UK and Europe and currently lives in Hackney, London where she works as a freelance music and portrait photographer.

Image taken from the series The Secret Lives of Dolly Chambers © Virginie Hebert

Roxana Allison

Fine art photographer Roxana Allison was born in Manchester, UK (1980) and raised in Mexico City where she lived permanently until 2008. She currently lives and works in Britain. She graduated with a BA Fine Art Degree from the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in 2004. Since having her first solo show in 2003, she has taken part in several photography group shows in Mexico, USA and England. She recently took part in the group show Lost in Transit, held at Impressions Gallery, Bradford and Vyner Street Gallery, London where she showcased her latest body of work, `Down the Middle´, which explores her bicultural roots.

Some of her most relevant topics of interest are identity, cultural displacement and memory amongst others.

Images taken from the series Down The Middle © Roxana Allison

Xtabay Alderete Cruz

Xtabay (b. Mexico City, 1979) studied her degree in Fine Art at the National School of Fine Arts in Mexico City, focusing her main interest in Photography. She has attended several national and international workshops at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, including the Contemporary Photography Seminar in which she obtained a place in 2006. She recently had her first solo exhibition `The Curve of Forgetting´ in November 2008. She is currently involved in a photography workshop entitled `The Photographic and Other Ideas´. She works and lives in Mexico City and is currently developing her latest personal project focusing on the visual analysis of the immediate environment of the self and the visual poetry expressed through photography as a medium.

Images taken from the series Optofobia © Xtabai Alderete

Pablo Allison

Most of his work is carried out in a conceptual way, although he incorporates traditional techniques in conjunction with a contemporary approach as seen in his latest work entitled `Angel´. This three-chapter story seeks to embody the life of an ex-gang member from a Mexican suburb, his illegal crossing into the United States and his future life in “the promised land”.

Pablo´s work has been exhibited both in the UK and Mexico. He is currently based in London and is part of the Centrepoint Collective.

Images taken from the series Angel © Pablo Allison

Ben Haizelden

Benjamin Haizelden was born in the United Kingdom in 1979. Between 2007 and 2009 he study on the Documentary Photography BA at the University of Wales College Newport.

His work is primarily concerned with concepts relating to control and how images can be used to represent the intangible.

Benjamin currently lives and works in Bristol, UK. He is involved together with Photographer Tim Banks, in the curation and set up of a series of exhibitions, the first one entitled "A Beginning, Middle and End", which will be held in Bristol, UK early in 2010.

Images taken from the series The Ethereal Vernacular © Ben Haizelden

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