Sunday, 3 March 2013

Up & Coming: Lola Gonzalez Caballero

A Trip to the South

These photographs are from two trips. A physical one, around the village of my parents after fifteen years of absence and another one other corresponding to an inner journey, searching the recollection of the memories of the summer trips of my childhood.

Recovery of forgotten memories, the rescue of those voids. This is a selection of photos from a trip to the memory of that little girl who was afraid  of long-legged spiders, the same one that remembers the colour of those evenings sitting on a wall on the town’s outskirts, the eternal walks in the countryside at the shade of the olive trees and the white blinding façades.

A Trip to the South was developed after endless and reflective walks alone on streets and roads, camera in hand. Revisiting landscapes and scents. The photographs, many of them shot "with the nose", recall scents that evoke many memories.

This project is a very personal one, one in which memory is the main photographic subject. All the photographs are taken in Añora (Cordoba), a small town in Andalucia (Spain).



Lola Gonzalez Caballero, (Zaragoza, 1971). She studied photography at Spectrum, Diaporama, Zphoto and the Advanced Technologies Centre of Zaragoza. She has taken part in a number of group shows in both the UK and Spain. Lola's work has been published in Bex Magazine and The Beef. She currently lives in the UK.


All images © Lola Gonzalez Caballero