Sunday, 3 February 2013

Up & Coming: Patrycja Poludniak

Internal Shadow

Using the photogram to produce a shadow is like creating images that have allowed us to see the world with a new vision. This process has refined the history of photography and the history of art itself.

Inspired by Manchester Museum and working directly without a camera through investigation of how water and sea salt may impact on the body, was an opportunity to express myself and make a spiritual document of my pregnancy.
The spiritual aspect appeared to be the core of light placed at the center of the figure and the opaque and transparent layering.

The uniqueness of the prints and the process of the artwork are crucial to a philosophical and conceptual understanding of the work - the idea of growing and nurturing a life within 40 weeks.
A unique and un-reproductive body of work has been produced, increasing the importance of creating the shadow through camera-less photography that has more intimacy and feeling than a normal photograph.

Patricia Poludniak studied photography at Stockport College. In 2005 during her education time she had a chance to experiment with almost every field of camera-less photography technique.
By working in traditional way Patrycja learned about new photographic aspects. By being introduced to the darkroom she felt that this was the process in which she would like to produce her own work and practice in the future. 
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