Sunday, 6 January 2013

Project - Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography from Australia and the UK

Bindi Cole, Ajay, 2008

Whilst working on our current exhibition project Place and Being: A Photographic Dialogue Between Two Cultures, we came across a couple of similar projects. One of them - Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography from Australia and the UK - is an exhibition and book curated by Louise Clements (UK), Artistic Director of QUAD and FORMAT International Photography Festival, Mark McPherson (AUS), Director of Big City Press and Leigh Robb (AUS), Curator at PICA, 2012.

We were very glad to know that other people within the photographic field in the UK were interested in cross-cultural projects. A couple of weeks later we contacted Louise Clements who, gladly, she showed strong interest in Place and Being, which gave us even more drive and confidence to carry on. We hope that more photographers, curators and academics feel encouraged to coordinate, participate and curate cultural exchanges, projecting the multiculturalism of the modern society we live in. 


‘Drawing and expanding on the unique energy of the previous volumes, Hijacked I (Australia and USA) and Hijacked II (Australia and Germany), Hijacked III is a focused photographic project that once again looks at two geographically divorced, but historically connected communities. In this instance, the United Kingdom and Australia are brought into the spotlight to locate and stimulate dialogues that provoke a reconsideration of cultural specificity and diversity.’

Michelle Tran, Vince, 2010

'Hijacked III presents far reaching photographic practices, which question what it means to look, catch or construct images for the 21st century. It has been presented at several venues in both Australia and the UK.'

The project has been presented at several venues in both Australia and the UK such as at QUAD, at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts during the Perth International Arts Festival and FotoFreo, and at Photofusion.

Some of the photographers featured in Hijacked III are: from Australia, Tony Albert, Warwick Baker, Bindi Cole, Christopher Day, Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont, David Manley and Michelle Tran. From the UK, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Natasha Caruana, Rasha Kahil, Trish Morrissey, Laura Pannack, Sarah Pickering, Simon Roberts, Helen Sear and Wassink & Lundgren.

Hijacked III can be bought at QUAD or online here:, and

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