Monday, 29 October 2012

Up & Coming: Ignacio Navas


I feel attracted to the normalcy, the nearest things. What we are tired of seeing, because it's honest, naked, without decoration. There we can find what we share, moods about defeat and weariness, or grins of joy and liking.

These little stories are what comprise our world, what are really important to us, far from the issues that are too huge for us to understand completely. As a photo student in Madrid, I found this normalcy especially latent in the outlying districts of the city. Excited and in the learning process, I began to walk, getting closer to people, talking and knowing them better and finding resonances in our relationships and backgrounds. In the end I discovered in photography, a tool to explore the things around me, to delve into my interests and to have fun. 

Born in Tudela (Spain) in 1989 Ignacio Navas studied at the Complutense University of Madrid and Blank Paper School. He completed his training attending workshops with various photographers and artists such as Julian Baron, Anders Petersen and Gueorgi Pinkhassov. He has been intern photographer at Blank Paper School and assistant to photographer Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann in Berlin. He recently joined Zunder Collective as Cultural Coordinator.

His work has been exhibited in ASM28 Gallery, the Emerging Photographers’ Festival of Granada and Huarte Contemporary Centre for the Arts in Navarra. It has also been selected in platforms such as Intransit2011 and the Young Artists Meeting of Navarra. Ignacio received the Accesit Award at the 1st International Photography Prize Rita Castellote earlier this year. He currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. To view his work visit his website.

Ignacio Navas has been invited by Centrepoint Collective and the Photography Department at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) in the City of Preston to give a talk to the current students on the course and conduct portfolio reviews. His talk focusing on the photographic scene in Spain and the different directions an emerging photographer like himself can take, had a great impact on the students who made the most of the experience. We would like to thank lecturer Jonathan Purcell for all the support and hard work put into making it happen! 

He also took part earlier this month in a photo screening organised by Instant Coffees photo collective at The Island in Brsitol, showing work from former UWE students and work from BlankPaper Photography School in Madrid among others. The work is presented in multi-media format featuring ambient sound recording, music, interviews, still and moving image. 

All images © Ignacio Navas