Sunday, 27 May 2012

Up and Coming: Lovisa Ringborg

Confetti Rain (2008), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

Before beginning my studies in photography at the University of Gothenburg between 2003-2008, I attended art schools with the focus to draw and paint for several years. The technical process I use in photography, are however still very similar to the ones I originally used in painting. 

The objects in the pictures become almost waxlike and sculptural, somewhere inbetween the familiar and the unsettling. I mean to create emotionally staged situations where the characters rather become symbols as opposed to portraits of a particular person. Even if the works often can seem to have a surrealistic aspect, the imaginary is not surrealist in a traditional way. They are rather intended to create a sense of disorientation to suggest alternative states leading to create a personal iconography.

The end of Reason (2007), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

The Limbo Pictures (2007-2009)

Limbo meaning literally hem or border, in theological usage the name is applied to the temporary place or state of the souls of the ones who are excluded from heaven but that neither deserve eternal punishment in hell. 

Soap Bubbles on Surface Tension (2009), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

Solitary Act I - Compulsion (2007), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

The characters in the images are isolated in the darkness with no perspective about their own situation, therefore control is impossible to maintain and the consequences of an action unpredictable. 

The pictures becomes pieces in a personal existential, puzzle by disorientation in a world of constructed norms that seem to dissolve in particular situations or mental states. A place where the road suddenly disappears into the darkness and navigation is no longer possible - a solitary path towards an imagined fulfillment. 

The Number One (2009), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

Unleashed (2009), from the series, The Limbo Pictures

All images ©  Lovisa Ringborg from 2007-2009