Sunday, 16 October 2011

Selected Work: Raul Gutierrez

Man on the Khotan Road

I am interested in the way stations between cultures are places where you see the past and the future simultaneously. It is a perspective I find disorienting, tragic and, occasionally, magnificent. I try to make images that show these places before they tilt one way or the other, 
while they are still suspended between worlds.

Raul Gutierrez, Brooklyn

Men on Business

The Taklamakan

The Market

Travels Without Maps is an ongoing project exploring the far western edges of China. It is China without being Chinese. These areas are home to a complex and sometimes volatile mixture of local populations and Chinese settlers. Each time I return, the staggering pace of change disorients me. Many of the scenes shown in the images above have recently disappeared.  More of Travels Without Maps can be found on my portfolio site:

Jumping Rope

Burnt Bus

Staw Man

Raul Gutierrez is a photographer, entrepreneur, and dad. Raul, who was trained as an art historian at Princeton, fell into photography and film production in the 1990’s. These interests eventually spilled over to the web, and in 2007 Gutierrez was part of the small team that created and built 20x200, an online art gallery. Today Raul is part of the Studiomates collective and is working on several projects for mobile devices that marry images and storytelling. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two rambunctious young boys. He is working on several multi-year photography book projects. Raul has kept a blog photography and art since 2004 at Heading East:

School Day, Khotan

All images © Raul Gutierrez