Sunday, 12 December 2010

Up & Coming: Caroline Hancox


This project features delicate Polaroid emulsion lifts, which shows parts of the natural world creeping back and overtaking the ruins of the man-made world. I love areas of landscape that on first glance are not immediately beautiful but on closer inspection reveal a previously hidden attraction. I used Polaroid film for these images because I like the one-off, unpredictable nature of the medium and feel it adds to the natural fragile ruggedness of the scene. Each pack of film has a slightly different hue or may have slight imperfections, these characteristics have been exaggerated by the Polaroid emulsion lift process (removal of the emulsion membrane from the backing paper and transferral onto a different surface) and the delicateness of the result mirrors the scenes in the images.

Caroline Hancox is a vibrant young photographer based near to Cambridge, UK. She specialises in the relationships between humans and their environment where she finds the little details and beauty in everyday life that often go unseen and unnoticed. She was short-listed and highly commended for Professional Photography Magazine “Photographer of the Year” competition. Caroline graduated with a distinction in an FDA Degree in Professional Photography in June 2009 and is currently working on personal projects, commissions and is involved with a new project called 'What is England' curated by Stuart Pilkington

All images property of ©Caroline Hancox