Sunday, 19 September 2010

Up and Coming: Asli Kolcu

Dream with me 6

Asli's photography stands somewhere between Art and Fashion. Her portraits' dreamy vintage quality is what attracted me first. I found her website by chance one day when I was in the search for something else. Asli Kolcu is a London-based, Turkish photographer. She started her career by "snapping aimlessly" and posting her pictures on until a Finnish gallery owner who offered her her first show noticed her. Within a year, she got a job as an art director that took her all over Europe and Turkey. This is how she describes herself:

"21 year old child of nature, in love with that place between dreams and waking up. I love my nightmares just as much as my dreams. I breathe love and daydream throughout every waking moment. My shutter is my heart beat."

Pertinacious Illusions


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