Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Up and Coming: Mark Devereux


In Mark Devereux’s new work, 36ACT, the artist returns to his collection Alchemy (2004-10). Using imagery created in the early stages of this project, Devereux uses the technique of mark-making to both alter and develop works that explore notions of the sublime, cosmology and alchemy itself.

“My work explores the collision and cohesion between the boundaries of fine art, paint and photography. Taking inspiration from what we see around us and images from the media, the interpretation of my work becomes personal and discursive allowing interactions and engagement.” (Mark Devereux)

In reference to Devereux’s practice he is acutely aware of it being a combination of the technical procedures of photography and the conceptual influences of fine art. This creates tension in his work as he is challenging people’s preconceptions of the artist and photographer.

There is an extraterrestrial element that lies heavily underneath the surface of the photographs; the content is unidentifiable and has an alien quality. Brooding underneath the layers of chemical erosion is another world.

What makes Devereux’s practice so fascinating is that it somehow challenges the notion of being and raises questions about the fragility of nature. This is a cohesive theme within this series, where we are gently being probed to ask questions about our own immateriality.

Mark Devereux is a Manchester-based artist and curator. Since graduating from BA (HONS) Photography and MA Fine Art at Staffordshire University he has been involved in a number of successful exhibitions throughout the country. Devereux is also the Director and founder of Blank Media Collective, an arts organisation championing the work of emerging practitioners from around the world.