Monday, 12 July 2010

Up and Coming: Axel Muñoz

Under Treatment

Today I woke up and asked myself who I am, and how is it that I got here. Not in the sense of going through a mental blackout, but about how I became the person I am today and all I've lost in the process.

We have to sacrifice some things in order to gain others, these other things fall into oblivion and re-emerge years later under the parameter of "nostalgia." Where did my relationship with my brother go, how come I decided to stop my music interest all together, why did I choose to study film, how come I stopped being a child and how this makes me be who I am today. I believe that we will never stop being children as for we are always playing with our beloved ones although we simply forget to do it more spontaneously.

This photographic project works as a self-portrait exercise which means to present reconstructed scenes which have stayed in my head and that rotate on a loop to remind me that I am still around and that I will continue to exist even though most of it will be forgotten by some. However, I wont forget them, as I possess these impressions of light. These images function as a therapy treatment to overcome the loss of those precious moments, the nostalgia that links us to our childhood, the introspective gaze with which we perceive our present and the deeds of those who do not speak, what we hide when we look at ourselves and the lies that exist within the family.

Axel Muñoz

Born in Mexico City (1989) he studied a BA Degree in Film and Television. His main interests revolve around light as the essence of photography.

He creates from the impulse to speak about different emotional situations that help him dismember the emotional nature of things, for him the light is what changes and destroys everything around him and for this reason he uses photography with a metaphorical approach to stop the effects of light and prevent the loss of memory, which help him to reflect on existence itself.