Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Up and Coming: Rafael Illich


I was born in 1978 in Mexico City. Whilst at school I learned that the only use of it was to commemorate historical dates and that everything had been done already. I often heard that my generation did not want to fight for anything, nor felt the need to fight for anything either. Accompanied by economic crisis all my life, I understood at an early age that "my future" was constrained to a couple of alternatives: a) to study, have a good job, find a partner, raise a family and once I had ruined my life, I would ruin my children one's too, or b) to increase the rows of unemployment and roam the streets of my hometown and any other city I had access to.

So, about ten years ago I became aware of having no future. At first it was just a phrase but quickly and seamlessly it became the starting point of letters, photographs and fanzines. In photography I was able to identify three series formed by different images however, all of them converged to the very origin of No Future.

Dead End/ Everyday is Friday/ From the immediate to the remote

Everyday images such as a street, a road or a specific place that apparently cannot go any further because there is some kind of barrier on it make you feel like you have got to a Dead End, however, there is always a different situation in which lives an element that represents an alternative to this.

Rafael Illich

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Images taken from the series ´Sin Futuro´ & Dead End´ © Rafael Illich

Posted by Pablo Allison and Roxana Allison