Sunday, 7 February 2010

Up and Coming: Ben Bird

British photographer Benjamin Bird graduated from UCA Rochester (then known as UCCA, previously known as KIAD) in 2008 with a project exploring the concept of space and spaces in between in landscape photography that took him all the way to Berlin and back a couple of times.
He is currently working on a new project entitled 'States of Destruction', which involves the misuse of polaroid film resulting in the creation of accidentally beautiful abstract images.

"In States of Destruction I have explored the idea of creating images without using a camera, and looked at the nature of photographic materials fast disappearing from mass culture.Directly altering the state of Polaroid film though destructive and violent methods, has led to perverting the ideas of their inherent fragility and tangibility. " Ben Bird.

Images taken from the series 'States of Destruction' © Ben Bird

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Article by Virginie Hebert

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